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SAP HANA, express edition

SAP Developers,

Advantages you gain for registering for SAP HANA, express edition.

Here is how you can connect with your instance:

– Database server only: Connect to the database using plugin for Eclipse, Visual Studio, any SQL client that accepts JDBC, or ODBC drivers.

– Database server + XS Advanced: Explore the basics of XS Advanced tools, or build your first full stack, cloud-native application.

Want to learn more? Check out geospatial with Hibernate, machine learning, graph processing, and more tutorials.

If you are interested in XS Advanced, the application development platform based on Cloud Foundry, read the introduction to the XS Advanced native development concepts, as well as the tutorials to build your first full stack, cloud-native application.

If you have questions or suggestions, visit our community. Happy coding!

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