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Transforming IT Service Agility and Economics

Today’s rapidly growing IT organizations must constantly reinvent themselves to keep pace with rapidly changing business requirements. They need a robust and rigid service delivery platform that is as well flexible, cost-effective and agile—combined with an infrastructure that allows the business and IT to pivot quickly to respond to evolving market conditions, to take on mergers and acquisitions, and to accelerate innovation and time-to-market.

By 2022, two-thirds of n-tier legacy workloads will have migrated off-premises. One-third will remain onpremises, one-third will be hosted off-premises and one-third will be public cloud

Source: Follow These Five Simple Steps to Rationalize and Renovate Your IT Infrastructure, August 2017, Gartner ID: G00337818

It’s an eye-opener statement for organizations who think about future are modernizing and consolidating IT infrastructure to meet the increased agility and price-performance requirements of today’s on-demand applications, cloud-native services and digital businesses. Innovative organizations are re-architecting applications for a Hybrid IT agenda, incorporating innovations such as hyper-converged and composable infrastructure to reduce total cost of ownership, improve service velocity and accelerate the pace of business.

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