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Partner-to-Partner Networking Resources to Accelerate Collaboration

End-to-end integrations are critical for customer success. For partners, that means identifying the areas where you can best apply your expertise – and the areas where you can’t. That’s where peer networking comes in. You may be familiar with our three main networking resources, but here are a few others that are available.


SAP Business By Design Webinar by Phoenix Business consulting

On Tuesday, March 29th at 8:00am PST to learn about SAP’s mid-market Cloud solution, Business ByDesign. Over 5,000 companies globally are using Business ByDesign to power their core business functions by leveraging industry best practices to run operations efficiently and effectively while focusing on the future. SAP Business By Design can help your company develop more […]

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SAP and Google Cloud Want to Make a Sustainable Difference – With You!

As the Earth’s population continues to grow, so does our agriculture and energy usage, pollution and overall consumption. SAP and Google Cloud are partnering on a sustainability contest for social entrepreneurs called Circular Economy 2030. By 2030, we will need two Earths to support our consumption needs, according to the Global Footprint Network. It’s an […]