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SAP Global Partner Summit – Agenda Available!

SAP Global Partner Summit – Agenda Available! With a stacked agenda, you’ll not want to miss this year’s SAP Global Partner Summit! Hear from SAP CEO Bill McDermott, as well as executives such as Adaire Fox-Martin, Christian Klein, Arlen Shenkman, Karl Fahrbach and many more SAP product and topic experts. Register today!

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Partner-to-Partner Networking Resources to Accelerate Collaboration

End-to-end integrations are critical for customer success. For partners, that means identifying the areas where you can best apply your expertise – and the areas where you can’t. That’s where peer networking comes in. You may be familiar with our three main networking resources, but here are a few others that are available.

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SAP and Google Cloud Want to Make a Sustainable Difference – With You!

As the Earth’s population continues to grow, so does our agriculture and energy usage, pollution and overall consumption. SAP and Google Cloud are partnering on a sustainability contest for social entrepreneurs called Circular Economy 2030. By 2030, we will need two Earths to support our consumption needs, according to the Global Footprint Network. It’s an […]